Your Purchase Agreement Facilitation Experts

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) customers can choose between “review only” or “offer-to-closing” facilitation for an additional fee. Note: Offer-to-closing full facilitation is automatically Included with our Full Service Realtor Package. Often the purchase agreement paperwork is where For Sale By Owner (FSBO) folks appreciate a professional eye. Our Purchase Agreement Service makes the paperwork a breeze and the closing a pleasure. Choose from either our “review only” or “offer-to-closing” full facilitation service.

Offer-To-Closing Full Facilitation = $995

($295 down, $700 due at closing)
  • Upon receiving an offer, an experienced HomeAvenue Realtor will review the purchase documents and contact you with suggestions, advice.
  • Your HomeAvenue Realtor will communicate directly with the buyer agent (or buyer – if not represented by an agent) on your behalf. Many buyer agents prefer to work with another experienced agent so that the transaction is smooth and there is less chance for misunderstandings. Note: if no buyer agent is involved HomeAvenue can draft the entire Purchase Agreement for both buyer and seller. Facilitation fee to Buyer is $495 flat fee.
  • If applicable, your Realtor will draft any necessary forms, i.e. counter offer addendum, lead based disclosure form, etc.
  • Once all terms have been agreed upon your Realtor will ensure that all forms are signed and finalized. Note: the fee includes use of our online electronic signature service for your convenience.
  • Your Realtor will communicate with the buyer agent to arrange the home inspection and notify you of the day and time. NOTE: you should not be in the home at the time of buyer inspection.
  • Once the inspection has been completed the buyer may request the seller to repair or correct any items that were of concern or ask for a price reduction. Your Realtor will review the inspection report with you and communicate your response to the buyer agent. Your Realtor will draft any required Amendments.
  • Once the inspection contingency has been removed your Realtor will submit all final documents to the Title Company/Closer.
  • Your agent will attend closing and answer any questions you may have.

Review Only = $395

  • Upon receiving an offer, an experienced HomeAvenue Realtor will review the purchase documents and contact you with suggestions and advise so that the Purchase Agreement is written with your best interests in mind.
  • Once the Purchase Agreement is finalized, HomeAvenue will complete a closing information worksheet on your behalf and submit, along with all signed documents, to our closer or a closer of your choice. Note: it is advisable that you have your own closer representative (rather than relying on the buyers closer) who will handle all of the sale transfer documents, etc.

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