Selling or buying, the alternative realty saves you thousands.

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Home Avenue is the alternative to absurdly high Realtor commissions. Our high-serve, low-cost process has been saving homeowners for over 30 years. Nearly 30,000 sellers have saved an average of $10,900 in commissions with our flat-fee model.

What we can do for you.

Full-Service Realtor

$3495 flat-fee

Only your Realtor fees are lower—nothing else. Home Avenue Flat Fee Realtors are experienced pros delivering top-flight service from open to close. Sell fast, sell smart, list with the leading flat fee realty for only $3,495. Learn More

For Sale By Owner

$399-998 flat-fee

Hats off to the FSBO home sellers. We admire your DIY moxie and are here to lend support and save you money. Our For Sale By Owner MN programs offer targeted, specialized services to get that solo sale signed, sealed and delivered. Learn More

Buyer's Advantage

Up to $5000 cash back

Closing gift cheese baskets and flowers from your Realtor are nice, but at Home Avenue, we think getting cash back is king. When you buy a home with us, our Buyer’s Advantage program pays you back as much as $5,000, and folks, that’s a lot of cheese.

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Everything You Need To Sell and Save


MLS and internet exposure

No exposure stone is left unturned with Home Avenue Flat-Fee Realty Minnesota. We don’t overlook any aspect of marketing your home and securing the best offer possible. We save sellers an average of $10,900 vs traditional commissioned Realtor fees. Once again, $10,900.


Professional signs and tools

See the sign, buy the house. Professional yard signs work, it’s scientific fact. We’ll provide signage, just-listed postcards, exclusive web sites and much more. 30+ years of happy customers is a very good sign.


Unmatched support and guidance

No matter what level of service you require from Home Avenue, you’ll receive our complete, seasoned experienced and our sincere focus. We’re committed to helping you get the most out of this very important transaction.

Do the math and calculate your savings

Same service (quite possibly better) and absolutely, without a doubt better results. Do the math, do a dance and sign up with Home Avenue.
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Calculation based on average savings of all customers.

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Choose Buyer Agent Compensation

Although the average compensation to the agent who procures the buyer is 2.7% of sale price you can offer any compensation.
Note: If you find a buyer not represented by an agent there would be no commission/fee due.

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Huge Savings. Great Service.
It seems so simple, and it is.
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So many happy (and wealthier) homeowners living on Home Avenue.

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Meet a few of our happy residents.

Vicky Wilken
Vicky Wilken
13:00 16 Apr 21
I listed my second property with Home Avenue and had a great experience. Madeline answered all of my questions in a timely manner and was always willing to make the changes I requested. It is a great way to have thousands of dollars!
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
19:36 22 Feb 21
Good low cost way to list on the MLS. You get all the transaction forms needed and as little or as much help as you want.
Deepak Goyal
Deepak Goyal
20:44 20 Jan 21
We used Home Avenue to sell our home as "For Sale By Owner"They provided an excellent service at a reasonable cost. I like the fact that their services costs are transparent and can be seen on their website. It was a wonderful experience working with the staff. They have a very professional approach and promptly got back to me for all my questions. I really appreciate their help during the process. They also helped with Earnest Money Deposit Escrow service, which also is a valuable service to FSBO clients. In short, I highly recommend Home Avenue's services.
23:55 19 Dec 20
So easy to use. Second time we used them to sell a house. We have saved over $20k total using them. Our house sold in one week.
Katie Haag
Katie Haag
18:16 11 Dec 20
Todd Endersbe
Todd Endersbe
22:44 10 Dec 20
After taking the advice of a friend, we decided to sell our house without a realtor. We were referred to HomeAvenue because it includes an MLS listing. The $995 fee included the listing, pictures, handouts, and a personalized write up on the property. I would STRONGLY recommend purchasing the realtor representation. It is an easy and affordable way for you to be represented during the selling process. It is a seller's market right now -- and your house is going to sell quickly. The first couple that walked through our house put in a full price offer. Having representation means a buyer's realtor is not going to take advantage of you for listing it yourself (which we experienced). We highly recommend Home Avenue -- it saved us thousands of dollars!!!
Doug Happe
Doug Happe
01:13 10 Dec 20
If you are not using companies like Home Avenue, you are throwing your long earned equity in your home away to someone that does not work too hard. Once your home is on MLS, the buyers will find it and they will ask their realtor to show it to them.. You should expect to pay a buyers fee of 2% but that is a far greater deal then 5-7%. Make sure your home is in good repair, clean and free of clutter and it will sell much faster. Home Avenue may charge fees to assist in paperwork but the goal is to get the buyer in the door and a sold sign in the yard.
Palmer Henry
Palmer Henry
00:33 10 Dec 20
I've used Home Avenue to sell 2 of my homes and just helped my sister do the same. Great service. Really easy and saves a lot of money!
Matt Mayotte
Matt Mayotte
20:54 09 Dec 20
Great to work with. Saved thousands!

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