Your Open House Checklist


In order to have a successful open house during the selling process, there are a variety of things you should keep in mind. Everything about your open house should show your guests that you are accommodating and want this to be their home. Here, our experts at Home Avenue will discuss what you should consider doing to have a successful open house.

●      Clean and Remove Clutter

When people come to your open house, they expect to see a clean space void of personal items. Though it may seem odd to remove the majority of your personal touches, it is difficult for guests to envision themselves living in your home if there is an excessive amount of personal belongings around. They want to see a clear space where they can imagine their pictures, art, and belongings.


Additionally, if you do not clean your home, your guests will likely be turned off by the state of the property and not submit a solid offer.

●      Highlight The Best Features

If you go through a traditional real estate agency for your sale, be sure to show your agent what you believe are the best features of your home and property. By doing this, you can ensure the agent will highlight these features to anyone who stops by. Additionally, if you are going the For Sale By Owner route, be sure to craft a pitch to highlight aspects of your property to your guests. If you choose to do flat-fee realty with Home Avenue, our agents will go above and beyond to show your home, then help you sell your home at a fraction of the cost as traditional realtors.

●      Stage Your Home

If you want to sell your home for more and in a shorter time frame, consider staging your home. By removing excessive belongings and arranging your furniture in a way that makes each room look large you can help your guests imagine living there. By getting the advice and help of experienced home stagers, you can be sure your space is more appealing to your guests, looks bigger and brighter, and fits current trends.

●      Market Your Home

One of the easiest ways to ensure there is a good turnout for your open house is to market like crazy. Once you set the date of the open house, post on social media, print fliers, and advertise in any way you can. The more effort you put into advertising and marketing, the more people will learn about the open house, which means it is more likely you will get a great offer.

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