Three Misconceptions About Flat-Fee Realtors That You Hear All the Time


It is understandable to question the unconventional. When people state that they can do something different and do it better, the very claim breeds suspicion. Oftentimes, however, the suspicion is based on twisted facts, half-truths, and, at times, outright lies.

Such is the case with flat-fee realty. Let’s be honest. In the world of conventional realty, flat-fee services get a bad rap. Yet, ask homeowners and homebuyers who use flat-fee services will tell you firsthand that once they’ve worked with a flat-fee company, they’ll never go back to conventional outdated realty companies.

Below are some claims that you may have heard about flat-fee realty companies. We at Home Avenue are here to set the record straight. So, if you ever hear the following about flat-fee realty, then give us a call at 952-929-7355. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and tell you why partnering with a flat-fee company is in your best interest!
Misconception #1: Agents Will Not Promote, Market, or Show Your Home
Sometimes you have to wonder where misconceptions like these come from. Home Avenue offers an endless range of promotional tools, marketing tools, and resources to help you sell your home. AND, we’ll show your home and work hard to make sure you get it sold. You can take advantage of many of our most popular services:

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Packages
Full-Service Realtor Packages
● Powerful MLS and Internet Promotion
● Marketing Tools & Signs
● Step-by-Step Guides and Resources
Misconception #2: Flat-Fee is Nothing More Than a Glorified For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
There is a difference between giving you more control over your sale and leaving you out in the cold. Home Avenue’s FSBO Packages give you the flexibility to determine your own marketing, pricing, closing, negotiations, and legalities. If you want full service support, we offer that, as well, for a flat fee via our Full Service Realtor Package

Once you set the parameters, we provide the support and management you need to get your house sold. We can also provide valuable advice and guidance so you make the right decisions. It’s like having your own administrative team by your side 24/7 as you sell your house.
Misconception #3: Without MLS, Flat-Fee Realty Wouldn’t Survive
MLS is a great tool for buying and selling a home. In fact, both flat-fee and traditional realty services, as well as home buyers and sellers, use it all the time.

Yet MLS is not the only listing service. Sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and even platforms such as Facebook have all proven to be great sites to sell a home. Home Avenue goes one step further by showing our own listings right here on our site. In addition, we provide perks such as our Home Buyer Cash Rebate program, which puts money back in your pocket when you purchase a home.
Get the Truth About Flat-Feel Realty Services
If you are getting ready to purchase or sell a home, contact Home Avenue today to discover the advantages of working with a flat-fee realty company. To find out more about our flat-fee realty products and services in Minneapolis, MN, call us at 952-929-7355, or you can send a message on our contact page.