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The Demand for Flat-Fee Realty is Skyrocketing | Home Avenue

The Demand for Flat-Fee Realty is Skyrocketing


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. – Sir Isaac Newton
The Action
The surge in flat fee realty over the past decade has emerged in the U.S. as a result of the backlash from consumers aimed at obscene commissions imposed by traditional and outdated realty companies.

For the first time in decades, consumers – not realtors – are controlling the market and deciding how much they want to pay the realtor in commissions. This radical shift has opened the door for a more practical and fair real estate solution, A.K.A., flat-fee realty.
The Equal Action
Flat-fee realty services have grown the old-fashioned way. They earned the loyalty of one customer after another by presenting a win-win situation that both the realtor and the client could benefit from. This approach to selling and buying homes has put flat-fee realty services on a level playing field with commission-based services.

Flat-fee services like Home Avenue have also added incentives such as cash-back rebates, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) packages that empower the home seller, and lower commissions that almost sound too good to be true.

In going the extra mile, flat-fee realty services have demonstrated that there is a better more practical way to do business in the real estate industry.
The Opposite Reaction
So, it should come as no surprise that flat-fee realty services have been met with much resistance from conventional realtors who have not budged in lowering their commissions, while alienating a growing segment of the market.

Like many flat-fee realty services, Home Avenue has built our business in the industry by providing exceptional service at a more-than-fair price. After all, who wants to pay a $6,000 commission for selling their home at $100,000? Who wants to pay a $12,000 commission on a $200,000 home?
The Law of Motion
The recent trend with consumers toward hiring flat-fee realty service, and the subsequent higher share in the market, has created a forward motion that genuinely benefits the customer now more than ever.

In an unsteady real estate market, a wobbling economy, and a job market that moves families around every few years, flat-fee realty companies have surged forward ahead of their conventional competitors by pulling back the commissions and giving consumers the break they needed to both buy and sell a home without paying the price financially.
Why Flat-Fee Services Are in Demand
When all the arguments have been presented, and all the opinions have floated to the top, the only thing that clients want to know is the bottom line. How much are they going to have to sacrifice to buy or sell a home?

Well, let’s look at the facts:

● Flat-fee realty fee structures are less than half of standard realty commissions, which have held steady at 6% for years with no end in sight.
● Home Avenue offers cash back rebates for homebuyers. This puts money back in your pocket that you can use for other things.
● Many flat-fee realty companies offer a wide range of resources and services that help you with your buying or selling efforts. For example, we offer extensive listing services, full realty services, marketing tools and signs, and superior customer support.
● Our For Sale By Owner (FSBO) packages are unparalleled. Why? Because the client – not the agent – gets to decide how much they want to be involved in the selling process. We are not here to control but to support you every step of the way as you sell your home.
The Final Word
Commission-based realty services have recently made it clear that they are not backing down with their high commissions. This was the standard mentality for decades, and it still exists today.

Six percent on a home doesn’t seem like much to a realtor, but it can be devastating to a home seller who is already financially strapped from all the costs associated with selling a home. As homebuyer or seller, you must decide what is important and what you value the most. The question comes down to this:

Would you rather pay more or less for the same level of expertise, customer service, experience, and dedication? Do you want to work with a realtor whose focus is making money or a realtor who is willing to cut his or her commissions in half to serve their client?

The choice is yours.

If you would like to find out more about the features and benefits of flat-realty, cash-back rebate programs, and For Sale By Owner packages, then contact Home Avenue today. You can call us at 952-929-7355, or you can message us at We’re here to help!