Strategies for Showing Your For Sale Home


When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to engage as many potential buyers as possible. Dozens of interested parties may visit your home for a showing, but only a few will actually make an offer. At Home Avenue, we know the selling process can often be difficult. That’s why we encourage homeowners to stage an atmosphere that invites the sale. How can you impress potential buyers so they consider moving forward with the process? By playing on their emotions and engaging their senses. To help you accomplish that, here are five simple tips that can increase potential buyers’ interests:

Create a Welcoming Environment
When potential buyers enter your home, you want them to imagine buying it. While they may be guests, it is critical to make them feel welcome and not like intruders. To do that, be sure to refrain from asking guests to remove their shoes, and make sure to leave the house while they’re touring. Potential buyers will feel apprehensive about discussing the home if you are there. They may also feel some trepidation about exploring the house fully if you’re lurking somewhere in the background. Before you leave, however, make sure to express that you would like the buyer to take as long as they need. You do not want visitors to feel rushed or stressed while viewing your home.

Create a Room Ambiance
To make potential buyers feel welcome, creating a positive ambiance is key. If you have a fireplace, light a fire, even if it’s warm outside. You should also consider playing calm, peaceful music throughout the house to further relax your guests. Creating a peaceful and welcoming ambiance allows your guests to feel relaxed while they explore your home. This will help them feel at ease discussing the features of the home and will make them feel comfortable enough to stick around and get a feel for the property.

Add Strategic Lighting to Every Room
The right lighting can make any room look more inviting and desirable. It also creates a specific mood that can change the way potential buyers feel about your home. When you show your property, make sure to light it up as much as possible. This can make small rooms appear larger and can give the impression of a more “homey” space. You should also consider turning on any outside lights as they also give a welcoming presence to the property.

Keep Your Home Scent-Free
Many people find specific scents offensive, or may even be allergic to them. Therefore, you should refrain from using scented sprays or candles when showing your home. Instead, consider using something natural, like potpourri. You can even turn on your stove burner for a moment and place a few drops of vanilla extract on it to give the illusion that you’ve been cooking. Just be sure to eliminate any harsh or artificial scents lurking in your home. Potential buyers may feel as though you are attempting to cover up an offensive smell if the scent is too strong.

Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free
This almost goes without saying, but you should definitely make sure any clutter is out of eyesight. Clean up any stray glasses or papers, and make sure your kitchen and bathroom counters are free from unnecessary objects. Do your best to make your house look like a model home by making sure everything is in its place.

This includes any pillows and blankets, children’s toys, and home office materials. You want to make potential buyers feel like they can imagine living in the home, and they certainly won’t be able to do that when they’re distracted by clutter.

Home Avenue Helps You Sell Your Home Quickly
At Home Avenue, we know how stressful the selling process can be. That’s why do our best to help our clients sell their homes quickly, at the best possible price. We offer residential real estate services for homeowners throughout Minnesota to make the selling process as easy as possible. We invite you to take advantage of our flat-fee rates and our generous cash back rebate program, where we give you back a portion of our commissions.

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