Smart Selling: Why a Winter Sale is Advantageous


If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking of putting your home on the market in the spring—after all, that is the most popular time to sell, right? Yes, spring may be the most popular time to list your home, but it’s also the season of the year with the steepest competition. If you’re looking to help your property stand out, winter is a great time to do it. At Home Avenue, our flat-fee realty services are perfect for winter sellers looking to take advantage of the season. If you’ve been contemplating listing your home in the next few months, we’ve detailed a few reasons why you should opt for a winter sale.

●      Far Less Competition

Most for-sale homes enter the market during spring because most sellers think winter is a terrible time to sell. While spring has its advantages, that notion is false. In spring, the market can be crowded, and buyers have endless options from which to choose. When you list your home in winter, however, there are far fewer homes on the market, which essentially puts your property in the spotlight. Yes, they may be fewer active buyers, but they’re usually more motivated. With fewer options on the market, motivated buyers are far more likely to consider your property with an open mind.

●      Winter Buyers Are Serious

If a buyer is ready to brave the snow and ice to view your for-sale home, you can bet he or she is serious. Since the vast majority of homes enter the market in the spring, many potential buyers who view your property are essentially window shopping—not everyone who views a home actually intends to make a purchase. In winter, however, far fewer people are looking to buy. Those who go out of their way to view your property are usually motivated buyers who don’t want to risk losing the home by waiting until spring to purchase. 

●      Relocating Professionals

The first quarter of the year is notorious for corporate relocation, making a winter listing a great choice for motivated sellers. While winter may not be the most popular time of year to move to Minnesota, relocating professionals are often required to move with very little notice. Due to their time constraints, corporate relocators don’t have the luxury of looking at properties for months. These professionals are often looking for a quick sale, especially if they have children who must enroll in new schools. Urgency often plays a role in the winter buyer’s decision-making process, which means less time on the market for you, and potentially, fewer negotiations, too. 

●      Showcasing Winter-Readiness

Selling your home in the middle of winter gives you a distinct advantage over spring and summer sellers: the ability to demonstrate your home’s winter-readiness. In Minnesota, every home buyer wants to know how well a home stands up to harsh winter weather. A fourth- or first-quarter sale allows you to prove how well-prepared your home is. Highlighting the fact that you’ve just replaced the furnace, installed insulated windows, or recently replaced the roof can give your home a competitive edge. Winter is a perfect time to showcase the functionality of your roof, the design of your driveway, and even garner extra appreciation for that gorgeous fireplace in your family room.

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