Should You Purchase a Home From a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Seller?


The quick answer to the question is Absolutely!

With more FSBO sellers entering the real estate market, there are numerous opportunities to purchase a home straight from the seller without incurring unnecessary financial risks. A local, flat-fee realtor can help you save money with cash back rebates and lower realty fees while ensuring that the transaction happens smoothly and legally.
Can You Save Money in an FSBO Purchase?
Yes, you can save money in the asking price, but there is no guarantee that you will. It ultimately depends on the seller and the purchasing contract.

Although Home Avenue offers FSBO services to sellers, they have the option of listing their home, promoting the sale, and closing the sale without the assistance of a realtor. Therefore, they still set their own asking price and the terms of the contract.

Yet, without all the costs associated with hiring a traditional realty company, some sellers may lower the asking the price of their home or be willing to negotiate a price if you are interested in moving forward with a purchase.
What are the Risks Involved in an FSBO Sale?
There are no risks involved as long as you purchase the home with due diligence.

Since accountability is a high priority in an FSBO sale, you may want to hire a flat-fee realtor. Most FSBO sellers will work with a buying agent even if they don’t work with their own agent.

Note: If a seller does not want to work with a buying agent, then you should proceed with the sell with absolute caution. There may be some problems with the house or legality problems that the seller is not willing to divulge. Thus, you may put yourself at a higher risk.

Make sure you take all the necessary steps in the purchasing process to maintain a high level of accountability:

● Compare the asking price against the market.
● Get the home professionally inspected and inspect it yourself.
● Hire an appraiser to determine the actual value of the home.
● Negotiate with the seller; don’t take the first price.
● Find out about the history of the house. Speak with neighbors.

Can You Use Your Own Agent in an FSBO Sale?
If the seller is willing to work with a buying agent, then it is in your best interest to partner with a flat-fee realtor. A local, reputable realtor can help you negotiate the price, act on your behalf, ensure that all procedures, inspections, and paperwork are completed legally and properly, and even find ways to save you money.

When you work with Home Avenue, you can take advantage of our home buyer rebate incentives that put money back in your pocket on closing day. Working with a realtor can protect you from scams and losing money, as well as a headache during the negotiation and purchasing process.
Flat-Fee Realty Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you are looking to buy a home in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, then contact Home Avenue. We offer flat-fee realty service that can save you hundreds of dollars in realty fees and costs. You can also take advantage of our cash back rebate incentives, as well as our FSBO services.

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