Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Sale


In our last post, we discussed how to prepare the interior of your home before putting it on the market. This type of preparation can be crucial if you want to sell your home quickly and for a great price. The same goes for the home’s exterior and yard. The outside of your home is the absolutely first impression that someone has of your property. The saying goes, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” but in the case of home sales, that’s exactly what happens. A beautiful well-maintained exterior is what motivates a buyer to step through the doors.

Curb Appeal

The “wow” factor — that first visual, high-impact impression your home makes on potential buyers — can turn a looker into a buyer. To determine your property’s curb appeal, drive through your neighborhood and note other properties. Then approach your own house as if you were a potential buyer. How does it look? Does it “wow” you? Will its curb appeal attract buyers? Note what needs improving, such as trimming trees, planting shrubs or painting gutters. Little things convey that you’ve cared for your home. This is your opportunity to sell that important message to buyers who are cruising neighborhoods looking for houses for sale. To get them through your door, do what you can to make your property look like someone’s dream home. Paint/Stain If it’s peeling or blistering and you can’t remember the last time you painted it, your house needs some attention. That also goes for


If it’s peeling or blistering and you can’t remember the last time you painted it, your house needs some attention. That also goes for stain that is significantly faded. A newly painted or stained exterior will help sell your house faster. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, you’ll increase your home’s value.

Spruce Up the Yard

Grab people’s attention by enhancing your yard and landscaping. If your house looks inviting and well-maintained from the street, people will imagine that it’s attractive on the inside as well. A few simple things you can do:

1. Prune bushes and hedges; trim trees.
2. Keep your lawn looking healthy and green by mowing it often, fertilizing it and keeping it edged and trimmed.
3. Clean up and dispose of pet mess.
4. Weed your garden, add fertilizer and mulch, then plant colorful flowers.
5. In the winter, keep your driveway and sidewalks shoveled, de-iced and well-lit.
6. Stack firewood, clean out birdbaths, and repair and paint fences.

The Front Door

An attractive entry catches a buyer’s eye and says “welcome!” Highlight this area of your house with decorative touches such as a wreath on the door or new shrubs and flowers around the steps. For an even grander entry, clean and paint your front door or replace it with a new one for a few hundred dollars. Don’t forget to fix and polish doorknobs, repair torn screens and put out that new welcome mat.

All of these tips may seem like a lot of work but in the long-run, they will be well worth the time and financial investment you make in order to accomplish them.