Is a Flat Fee Realty Service Really a Better Option?


One of the greatest attributes of a flat-fee real estate service is that you put money back in your pocket that you would otherwise throw away on high commissions. That reason alone is enough for you to drop traditional real estate agencies and go with a flat-fee company.

This is why Home Avenue offers the flat-fee service in our company. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars by opting to go flat-fee.

Yet, other reasons make flat-fee service a better option. Read through below and then call us if you have any further questions: 952-929-7355.

Flat-Fee Realty Puts You in Control… Without Feeling Alone

One of the options you have with flat-fee realty companies is a for sale by owner listing service. FSBO gives you complete control over your sale but with a support team that can provide you resources to help you.

You get to take advantage of benefits include:

● Listing a Local Realtor MLS
● Placement on premier sites such as Zillow, Edina Realty, and Trulia
● How-to Guides that strengthen your selling strategy
● Market reports
● Changes to your listing as needed
● Documents such as purchase agreements

Your Profits Don’t Dwindle Due to Realtor Commissions

On average, traditional realty companies will take 6% out of your resale profits. That may not seem like much until you do the math. If you break it down, you’ll see a significant cut in your sale. For instance:

● Sell your house for $100,000 and the realtor gets $6,000
● Sell your house for $200,000 and the realtor gets $12,000
● Sell your house for $300,000 and the realtor gets $18,000

The question you need to ask yourself is What could you do with $18,000?

By contrast, the average fees with a flat-fee realtor look like this.

● Sell your house for $100,000 and the realtor gets $3,000
● Sell your house for $200,000 and the realtor gets $6,000
● Sell your house for $300,000 and the realtor gets $9.000

The difference is nearly 50% savings on the same sale amounts.

You Get Cash-Back Rebates if You’re a Buyer

Home sellers aren’t the only ones who benefit from flat-fee realty services. Buyers can also take advantage of cash-back rebates after they purchase a home.

Rather than keeping all the commissions to themselves, flat-fee realtors will take part of their commissions and generously give them to the seller. By working with a Home Avenue agent, you can receive a cash-back rebate of up to $5,000 depending on the amount of the sale.

In essence, what flat-fee realty services offer is a win-win for sellers, buyers, and the realty company. Traditional real estate companies cannot provide this for their clients.

Flat-Fee Realty Services in Minnesota

If you are getting ready to sell your home, contact Home Avenue. We provide complete flat-fee buyer and seller packages for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area as well as throughout Minnesota.

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