Giving Away The Keys

Is a Flat-Fee Listing Right for You? How Does It Work?


If you’re planning to put your home on the market this year, know this: You have options when deciding how to sell your property. Traditional, commission-based realty or for sale by owner have long been the go-to options for homeowners looking to sell, but in today’s real estate market, the traditional model may not be your best—or most lucrative—choice.

At Home Avenue, it’s our goal to help homeowners keep more of their hard-earned income in their pockets. We do that by providing flat-fee realty services that not only rival commission-based realty at every touchpoint, but that also cost far less while achieving identical outcomes. Curious about what exactly flat-fee realty is and how it works? Let’s take a brief look.

Full-Service Realtor Package

In a traditional, commission-based realtor package, you’re forced to leave approximately 6% of your home’s sale price on the table—well, in your realtor’s and the buyer’s realtor’s pockets, that is. But for you, what really matters is that 6% of your sale won’t land in your bank account. If the average Twin Cities area home currently sells for around $294,100, a 6% commission comes in at approximately $17,600. That’s a substantial chunk of change, no?

With a flat-fee MLS listing, on the other hand, your cost is significantly lower. Unlike commission-based realty, Home Avenue’s full service, flat-fee realty package charges an upfront fee of $595, and when the sale closes, another fee of $2900. If your buyer has a representative agent, you’ll also pay a 2.7% fee to the buyer’s agent when the sale closes.

So, on a $294,100 sale, that would equate to $3,495 to your real estate agent for the full-service realty package, and another $7,940 to the buyer’s agent. If, however, your buyer does not have an agent, you get to pocket that $7,940. At the very least, you save $6,165, and at most, you save $14,105. Comparing commission-based and flat-fee realty, either way you look at it, with a flat-fee MLS listing, you come out on top.

For Sale By Owner Package

If you’re looking to keep even more of your money in your pocket, perhaps an FSBO MLS listing service is more your style. While you won’t get the same full-service attention for your property, depending on the package you select, you’ll still enjoy powerful MLS promotion and marketing materials. But, unlike attempting a solo sale, you’ll have the expertise and guidance of proven realtors at your fingertips.

Whether you opt for the Basic, Plus, or Showcase package, our realtors do the heavy lifting—and listing—for you, so you can sell your home faster and for the best price possible. Oh, and did we mention you get to keep more money in your pocket?

Flat-Fee Realty Vs. Commission-Based Selling: Is One Better Than the Other?

Let’s say you’re purchasing new appliances: One retailer sells your gotta-have-it washing machine for $750 while the retailer down the street sells an identical machine for $699. All things equal, which one do you choose?

If you choose the second retailer, you get the exact same machine, but you also get to keep an extra $51 in your pocket. What could you do with an extra $51?

The same goes for flat-fee realty. You get the exact same service, the same listings, the same exposure, the same guidance—all without paying extra fees you don’t really need to pay. So, which one sounds better to you?

Home Avenue: Your Source for Twin Cities Flat-Fee Realty

At Home Avenue, we’ve been serving Twin Cities home sellers for over 30 years, and we’d be delighted to make you our next satisfied client. Out of 1.4 million realtors nationwide, our flat-fee realty service ranks in the top 1%, which means when you partner with our team, you can trust we’ll deliver an unmatched selling experience. To learn more about our flat-fee MLS listing service or our FSBO listing service, don’t hesitate to contact our team at 952-929-7355. Or, you can always feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.