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Impeccable Interior: Preparing Your For-Sale Home for Showing


If you’re planning to list your home soon, creating an impeccable interior should be at the top of your list. After all, you’ll be inviting strangers into your home for showings, and the best way to impress them is to strive for interior perfection. At Home Avenue, we know how competitive the Twin Cities real estate market can be, and one of the best ways to help your home stand out from the crowd is to prepare extensively. Prospective buyers can be choosy, but you can make your property the obvious choice with these helpful tips:


Depersonalize & Declutter the Space

Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home; they’re not necessarily interested in how you’ve chosen to live in the space. So, to help them visualize their happily ever after while touring your home, remove sentimental personal belongings, and clean up your clutter before inviting viewers inside.


If you’re a sucker for knick-knacks, sorry, but they’ve got to go. And your massive wall of generational family photos? Pack those up, too. You’re letting go of a space, not your memories, and that space is passing into another’s possession. Prospective buyers want to envision creating their own memories in that space, and it’s your job to help them do that to the best of your ability. Consider renting a short-term storage unit to store your trinkets and personal decorations until you can reposition them in your new home.


Clean From Top to Bottom

If you’re not a huge fan of household cleaning, consider hiring out for this all-important job. There isn’t a prospective buyer on the planet who enjoys entering an unkempt home. Clutter and filth don’t just make potential buyers feel uncomfortable during a showing; they also leave a terrible long-term impression. So, when it comes to cleaning your home in preparation for an open house or individual tours, that means cleaning everything—even the oft-neglected areas, such as:


  • Inside cabinets and drawers
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Ceilings
  • Inside closets
  • Interior of large appliances included in the sale


Taking the time to perform a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning will not only impress prospective buyers, but it can also unconsciously affect your property appraiser’s opinion of your home, too. Ultimately, you might just a higher appraisal value and a quicker sale to boot. Not too shabby for a few hours of work, no?


Repair & Replace

Got a broken tile or two? How about a couple of wobbly drawers or cabinet handles? Depending on your local real estate market, minor flaws can make or break a sale because many times, when you neglect a few minor repairs, prospective buyers wonder what else you might be neglecting. Give your prospective buyers confidence in your property by making minor repairs before you ever invite anyone for a showing. A few of the most common minor issues include:


  • Leaky faucets
  • Burned-out light bulbs
  • Bad weatherstripping
  • Squeaky door handles
  • Flaky or dirty paint
  • Windows and doors that stick


Take a few minutes to inspect each room throughout your home and locate any minor issues that require repairs. It may take a few hours to remedy all the minor flaws you may have been ignoring, but in the end, those few hours can pay off in spades.


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