How to Make the ‘For Sale by Owner’ Strategy Work for You


If you are looking to maximize your profits when selling your home, choose the “For Sale by Owner” right may benefit you and prospective buyers. Traditional real estate agents typically take five to six percent of your sale. The cost of commissions could eat into your profits. By contrast, a flat-fee realty service combined with an FSBO strategy could save you money while making your home sale look more appealing to buyers.

Home Avenue offers flat-fee realty services with the flexibility that empowers you to be more in control of your sell. If you are looking at the ‘For Sale by Owner’ option, below are some reason it may be your best approach.
You Can Do Your Own Market Analysis
Online resources such as Zillow allow you to compare the value of your home with the value of your homes in your neighborhood. A comparative marketing analysis gives you a great place to start. If you don’t want to do your own marketing analysis, a Home Avenue realtor can do it for you.

The analysis will give you an overview of your homes features, condition, and market value in your area. You can find out what the average prices of homes are to set your asking price. From there you can speak with a flat-fee realty company to get an entire picture of how much you can sell your house for and how much you will pay in realty fees. You will quickly discover why the FSBO homes listing option combined with a flat-fee service is the way to go.
Get Aggressive About Listing
There are several options for promoting the sale of your house. You may want to start with MLS, the most powerful listing tool on the web. MLS offers dozens of features and tools that can get your home notices. An MLS listing gets your listing in front of thousands of buyers represented by realtors plus automatically posts your listing to the most popular sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Remember that the commission to the agent who procures the buyer is negotiable. You can offer any compensation you’d like.

Once you know the right price for your home, it’s time to create a listing. Homeowners have options that run the gamut from posting free ads on Facebook sales groups and Craigslist to set up a dedicated website to market the property. For a flat fee of around $400 to $500, you can have your property listed in the multiple listing services.

This will post your home where real estate agents can easily find it. Paying for MLS inclusion can expand your potential customer base, but be aware you’ll likely need to pay a 2 to 3 percent commission to the buyer’s agent if they have one.
However, even an MLS listing may not get much attention if the photos are dark and the rooms cluttered. Clearing out the excess and improving lighting can go a long way toward making your home attractive to buyers. Other options would be to pay for a professional photographer or use a service like roomy, which allows people to virtually stage their house by uploading photos of rooms, erasing old or unsightly furniture and replacing it with images of more stylish décor.

Remove emotion from the process. Homeowners undoubtedly have their favorite property features. There may be aspects of the home they love and naturally would like to emphasize. However, buyers may have other priorities, and focusing only on the things you love could be off-putting.

The right buyer might be someone who is looking to completely redesign the property, and while meeting, they might make comments that would, in a different setting, offend your taste. For the sales process, you need to shift your perception from selling your home to selling a house.
Sell Your House Like a Professional
Removing emotion is only the first step toward selling your house like a pro. You also need to be ready to put in the time to show the house, respond to emails and calls promptly and provide thorough information.

People also need to be strategic about their marketing and take care not to share too much about defects upfront. The ‘warts and all’ approach can and will backfire on you if your home is not priced carefully. Skilled salespeople downplay the negative aspects of the home until they get their clients physically inside to talk them through their options.
Flat Fee Realty Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you are looking for a for sale by owner (FSBO) flat-fee service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, contact Home Avenue. We provide a wide range of services for both buyers and sellers. We also offer flat-fee realty for sellers and cash-back rebates for buyers. You can save hundreds of dollars with a flat-fee real estate listing services. We also have the largest selection of FSBO homes of any website in the minneapolis and Saint Paul areas

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