How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring


Spring is a great time to sell a home. Traditionally, the market is strong during the spring. So, if you’ve weathered the Minnesota winter, now is the time to prepare your home for the spring market.

Home Avenue can help you sell your home with our flat-fee realty service. Whether you need our full realty package or want to take the FSBO route, below are several tips for preparing to sell your home over the next few months.
Clean! Clean! Clean!
Your property should be spotless both inside and out. Hire a professional cleaning service to do a thorough scrub of every inch of your house. Try to focus on the features of your house that matter the most:
● The kitchen
● All bedrooms (especially the kids’ rooms)
● The fireplace
● Bathrooms
● Enclosed porches
● Ceilings, floors, walls, baseboards
● Windows
● Closets & cabinets
● Appliances
● The HVAC system and ductwork
● Powerwash the roof and siding
● Walkways and driveway
● Mailbox
● Garage & shed
Your front yard will instantly attract or repel homebuyers. If prospects drive by and see a messy yard, they’ll keep driving. So take the extra time to landscape your yard to ensure you sell your house. Late winter is the perfect time to do some trimming and clear out some brush since there is little to no greenery.

● Trim the trees & bushes
● Prepare the ground for grass seed
● Clean the pool
● Scrub the fence on both sides
● Scrub the deck, patio, or back porch
● Add some bushes or flowers around the porch or entrance of the house
● Install some lighting around your walkways
● Replace the mailbox, if necessary
● Remove all dead foliage
Make Some Light Repairs
Walk around home both inside and outside and make some light repairs.

● Light fixtures inside and out
● Outlets and switches
● Plumbing fixtures
● Fencing
● Driveway or walkway
● Window trim
● Door handles or hinges
● Change out the old lightbulbs
● Screen door and windows
● Cracks in the ceiling or walls
● Thermostat
● Window shades or blinds
● Ceiling fan blades
Go The Extra Mile
If you have a little extra in your budget, you may want to make some major repairs or upgrades.

● HVAC repairs
● Plumbing repairs
● Electrical and wiring repairs
● Refinish your wood floors or replace damaged slabs
● Replace broken tile flooring
● Landscaping overhaul
Selling Your Home? Home Avenue Can Help
If you are getting ready to buy or sell a home this spring, Home Avenue is here to help ensure you meet your goals. We provide unique services such as:

● Homebuyer cash back rebates
● FSBO packages
● Flat-fee services that save you money
● Marketing tools
● Plenty of resources

To find out more about our flat-fee realty products and services in Minneapolis, MN, call us at 952-929-7355, or you can send a message on our contact page.