How Much Can You Make in an FSBO Sale?


How much money can you net in an FSBO sale? This should be the most important factor when choosing to sell your house. There are several things to consider if you want to reach a certain figure and create a healthy margin between your asking price and your expenses.

Focus On Your Net Profit

Homeowners typically focus on how much they can list the house for. However, those numbers can be irrelevant. Some FSBO sellers prioritize how fast they can close, or the amount of tax liability involved. They may also weigh in how easy the selling process was the path of least resistance to signing a contract.


When it comes to crunching the numbers, you may want to focus on the net profits and how much you will actually put back in your pocket after closing day.

Factors That Determine Your Net Profits

Below are some common fees and expenses you may incur that can eat into your profit:


  • Holding costs until the day of closing
  • Mortgage payoffs
  • Prorations for property taxes and homeowners insurance
  • Homeowner association (HOA) or condo association expenses
  • Special assessments issued by associations
  • Lien payoffs, building permit and code violation fines, etc.
  • Certificate of Occupancy for new construction or major renovations
  • Title searches and title insurance policies
  • Prepayment penalties on mortgage loans
  • Down payment assistance and grant programs
  • Document recording fees
  • Wire transfer and closing fees
  • Taxes and tax withholding



Also, be sure to calculate any expenses for showing the home, making repairs in advance, or marketing your home for an FSBO sale.

Contract Items That Determine Your Net Profits

Some of the biggest factors that can impact your net proceeds in your real estate contract are:


  • Contributions toward buyer closing costs
  • Any repairs or repair credits you are exposed to
  • Who pays for the title search and title insurance policies
  • When you close

The Bottom Line Figure

You need to know how much you will net before you sign a contract with a buyer or even before you decide on a final home listing price. Knowing your estimated net proceeds is a vital first step in listing your home for sale. It will reveal if it is possible and how profitable it may be.


When it comes to selling a home, you should build in a cushion to account for it to take longer to close, cost more, and profit less than expected.

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