FSBO: Tips for Hosting an Open House


Holding an open house is a powerful way to get potential buyers in the door and present your
home for sale. But first, you must make sure your home is presentable and clean. Buyers want
to envision how the house will look like once they move. Therefore, you’ll need to create a clean
open canvas that is both attractive and present possibilities.

Here are some practical tips to make your next open house the one that gets offers.

Remove all the Clutter Inside and Out
Buyers get turned off when they walk into a home, and there is clutter everywhere they look.
The clutter makes it difficult for prospects to create a setting in their mind. The best way to solve
this dilemma is to pre-pack your household items and move them elsewhere.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company
Buyers won’t notice if your home is spotlessly clean, but they will see if it isn’t. A cleaning
service can clean places that homebuyers pay attention to such as baseboards, tops of picture
frames, ceiling fans.
Your goal should be to clean all of these items so that they look immaculate, no just dusted.

Take Down All the Personal Photos
But buyers need to see a neutral field where they can put down their roots instead of viewing
your photo collection. Taking your photos off the wall has the same positive effect as getting rid
of the clutter. It gives the buyer an opportunity to see more of the house.

Get Rid of Those Smells
Ask your real estate professional or a friend for a nose check. Shampoo your carpets before the
open house, and if you have pets, give them baths, and make sure litter boxes are clean. Scrub
the kitchen and the bathroom, and wash all your clothes. Identify areas where odor may linger
and do what it takes to remove the smell.

If It’s Broke, Then Fix It
Buyers always inspect a house for imperfections and costly repairs, so now’s the time to fix that
leaky faucet or slow-running drain, and replace broken window panes and burned-out light
bulbs. These are noticeable maintenance problems that keen-eyed buyers will spot.

Invest in New Linens and Towels
What leaves a lasting impression on homebuyers are all the details that you thought to take
care of for your open house. Something as seemingly insignificant as towels or linens can have
an impact on a buyer’s final decision to move forward with the FSBO sale or keep looking.

Maximize the Curb Appeal
Your primary objective is to get prospects inside your home. A messy lawn and home exterior
may cause them to keep driving. Trim your lawn, weed your flower beds, and prune your
These small landscaping tasks make a world of difference to your home’s first impression.

Straighten Up the Cabinets and Drawers
Storage space is a vital selling point of any property. More is more when it comes to nooks and
crannies, cabinets and closets. Cluttered linen closets, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom closets
make it appear that your home doesn’t have enough storage. Buyers will snoop around in these
areas to determine if there is enough space for their household items.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Hose
Buyers will feel more comfortable asking questions to a Home Avenue agent if you are not
lingering in the background. We can highlight the positive features of your home without bias.
So, leave home, take your pets with you, and don’t return until the open house has concluded.

FSBO Flat-Fee Realty for Home Sellers
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