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For Sale By Owner: How to Speed Up Your Home Sale


Selling a home is inherently stressful and likely even more so when you’re listing your home for sale by owner (FSBO). If you need to sell quickly due to life or financial circumstances, the entire process can seem wholly overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your FSBO property sell more rapidly, so you can let that mountain of stress roll right off your shoulders. Curious about what you can do to list, show, sign, and sell faster than you thought possible? Below, our Home Avenue realty experts discuss helpful tips that can speed up your FSBO sale.


Work With an FSBO Realty Service


To sell your home quickly, you must get several things right. These include:



Now imagine trying to effectively execute those things in the space between work obligations, family time, errands, and everything else you have on your plate. Not easy, right? At Home Avenue, we offer our flat-fee FSBO realty services in a variety of packages designed to meet the needs of any home seller.


We provide more exposure for your property than you can achieve on your own, and we work directly with your buyer and your buyer’s agent to facilitate the sale. Essentially, you still have an FSBO listing, but you also have the expertise and industry connections of a dedicated realtor at your fingertips.


Incentivize Buyer’s Agents With Competitive Commission

Even if you self-list your home on realty platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, nearly every inquiry to your property will be from a buyer represented by an agent. Very few buyers approach the buying process without an agent, so offering a competitive buyer’s agent commission can help your property attract more attention.


Providing an attractive incentive (competitive commission) can make your property more attractive to buyer’s agents. Some buyer’s agents try to steer clear of FSBO because they assume that they must negotiate directly with the seller. Home Avenue offers Purchase Agreement facilitation services to FSBO’s so buyer agents know that they can deal with professionals.


Here’s how it works: A buyer’s agent receives a commission at the completion of the sale. The funds come from the sale price of your home because the agent brought the buyer to you. If you’re not sure where to set your commission or how to deal with a buyer’s agent, an FSBO package service from a flat-fee realty company can benefit you greatly. Remember that there is no set commission. You can offer any commission or fee that you like. The more competitive with the industry average the more incentive you give to buyer agents to show your home.



Price Your Property Appropriately

Unless you have extensive knowledge of the real estate market in your area, pricing a home according to market value will require substantial research. If you’re wholly committed to going the road alone, you won’t have the market knowledge that a realtor possesses, so you’ll need to acquire that information on your own.


To get a better idea of where to price your home, you can contact a title company to inquire about comparable sales in your area. You can also pull similar listings within a half-mile radius and compare your property to those that sold at your intended price point. Don’t worry too much about pricing your property low since below-market homes typically generate a flood of buyer offers. Since you’ll likely receive several offers if you price your home low, they’ll naturally drive the price up to market value.


Pricing your home too high, however, should concern you. Since your property’s first two to three weeks on the market will generate the most significant interest, if you price too high, your home may lose its appeal to potential buyers. Suffice it to say conducting adequate market research is critical.


Home Avenue: Your FSBO Experts in the Twin Cities

At Home Avenue, we’ve been serving Twin Cities home sellers and buyers for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve saved millions of dollars in realtor commissions for over 25,000 highly satisfied clients, and we’d be honored to help you save more, too. For more information on our flat-fee realty services or to schedule your meeting, feel free to call us at 952-929-7355, or if you prefer, send us a message on our contact page.