Flat Fee Rates: Affordable, NOT Cheap


The affordable way to sell fast, NOT the cheapest way to list your house. It is a way to control the budget and make selling your home more affordable. The services you get with Home Avenue are clearly outlined, and your sale is fully supported through the process.

Flat Rate Vs. Commission
Let’s look at a $300,000 house. The nationwide average commission is 6%. That means $18,000 comes off the top of the seller’s proceeds at closing to pay commission. It seems like a lot to pay someone, even for several months of work. Did you actually get $18,000 worth of value from your agent? Probably not. Chances are you aren’t completely sure WHAT you got for that $18,000!

Will I Get Full Service With a Flat Rate?
With Home Avenue, you know exactly what you get for the flat rate price. Are you listed on the MLS? Yes. Is your home seen on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and all the other major websites? Yes. With our full service realtor package, you get everything you get from a “normal” commission based realtor, without that huge price tag at closing.

What Is Included With “Full Service” Through Home Avenue?
● MLS listing with 24 professional photos
● Listing on all the major and local websites
● Showing appointments with a secure lockbox on your property
● Brochures, email blasts and neighbor postcards
● Negotiation services when offers are made
● Communication, communication, communication

What About the Buyer’s Agent? How Will They Get Paid?
Home Avenue’s listing agreement allows the seller to retain the right to get their own buyer and pay no commission to a buyer’s broker or agent. If a buyer’s broker/agent brings the buyer, a commission of approximately 2.5-3.0% is payment for that broker/agent at closing.

What Is the Total Cost to Sell My Home?
If you bring your own buyer, and use our full-service realtor, your flat rate is $595 down, and $2900 at closing. Your rate is set, no matter how much we sell your house for. This saves you thousands at closing.

But what if a buyer’s agent brings the buyer? Let’s look at that same $300,000 house.

$7,500 (buyer broker commission at 2.5%)
$595 (down payment at listing)
$2,900 (flat fee at closing)
$10,995 total closing cost using Home Avenue

$7,005 SAVINGS over using a traditional real estate broker!

Get More Information on Flat Fee Realty With Home Avenue
Are you ready to get more for your money with a flat rate real estate listing? Let one of our experienced agents assist you with the sale of your home. Give us a call at 952-929-7355, or you can message us at info@homeavenue.com.