Flat Fee Listing Cost

The Flat Fee Listing – How Does it Work?


A flat fee listing is different from the traditional model of how sellers pay for the services of a real estate agent, and It’s designed to save you the hard-earned equity in your home.  A better way to sell your Twin Cities Home.

A traditional brokerage will charge you a % of the sale price of your home.  The most common amount we see in 2017 in Minnesota is 6%.  The real estate company that is representing the seller will generally keep 3.3% and pay 2.7% to an agent who is representing a buyer.  If there is no agent representing the buyer the company still charges you 6%.

Home Avenue will charge the seller a flat fee for the listing commission of $3,495.

In the Full-Service Realtor Package, the seller receives all of the services in the sale of their home they would expect to receive from the traditional model.  The seller decides how much to compensate a buyer agent which is generally 2.5% to 2.7%.  If a buyer is not represented by an agent the seller will save that amount.

So how does this look with the sale of a home for $350,000?

Traditional Brokerage

The seller pays $21,000 (6%)*

Home Avenue Full-Service Realtor Package

The seller pays $3,495 and compensates a buyer agent $9,450 (2.7%) for a total of $12,945.  The seller saves $8,055.  If there is no buyer agent to compensate the seller saves $17,505.

The same service at a greatly reduced cost to our client sellers!  I’m sure this makes sense to you as it has to over 20,000 satisfied Home Avenue sellers.  Don’t take our word for it, check out our Testimonials and let’s get started selling your home for less!

*Current common practice, all real estate commissions are negotiated between client and broker.