Why Choosing a Discount Realtor is a Smart Option


Newsflash: You’re paying too much to sell your house.


Realtor commissions have reached an all-time high with an average of 6%. In Minneapolis, realtor fees can be as high as 7% market-wide. 7% doesn’t sound like much until you do the math. For instance, If you’re selling your home for $300,000, you just paid out $21,000 to the agent. Although you may have some leverage in negotiating realtor commissions, you’ll still be paying more than you should to sell your house.


The solution to the problem is to hire a discount realtor that charges a flat fee to list your house instead of a commission. By going this route, you can save thousands of dollars in fees and commission while working with Home Avenue professionals that will get your house noticed. On average, we save homeowners $9800. That’s money back in your pocket that you can put toward your new home purchase.


Dispelling the Myth: “Flat Rate = Cheap”

High commissions have become the standard in the real estate industry. Agents have been charging such high fees for so long that homeowners equate it with quality service. A more affordable option is perceived as being ‘cheap.’ Thus, many clients dismiss the flat fee option and opt for the more expensive commissions. Affordable realty service, however, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality to save money. Home Avenue provides discount real estate listing with the same high level of expertise and service as anyone else in the business.


In essence, a flat fee isn’t cheaper. Rather, it’s smart.


Discount Realtors Give You Flexibility

If you hire a full-service realtor, you’re likely to incur full-service fees. You’ll also have to adhere to their rules and regulations. Going with a flat-fee or discount realtor gives you options when selling your home. For instance:


For Sale By Owner. With Home Avenue, you have more control over how your home is listed and sold. We can lay the groundwork by listing your home on local and national listing sites. We can also help you list your home with our For Sale By Owner How-to Guide so that you have all the tools and information available. Also, you’ll get market reports that keep you updated on activity going on around your location.


Complete Service Realtor Packages. We do the work for you but at a discounted or flat fee rate. You get the same service and result of the commission based brokers but at a fraction of the cost. We put all of our resources and expertise into selling your home and provide complete service from sign-in-the-yard through the sign-the-papers closing day. Save thousands of dollars and give up nothing in professional service, commitment and results.


Professional Realty Service in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Are you getting ready to sell your home? List your property with Home Avenue. We provide flat fee real estate service for homeowners in the Twin Cities Metro area and across Minnesota. Whether you’re interested in support of a For Sale by Owner listing or need full-service realty experience, we can help you simplify the process and get your home sold promptly. To schedule a consultation with one of our realty experts, contact us at 952-929-7355, or you can message us at info@homeavenue.com.