Challenges That FSBO Sellers Face When Selling a Home


Selling your home without an MLS listing can seem like a great way to save money, and in this
seller’s market how hard can it be, right? Take a few pictures, put you online, and the buyers
will come flocking with multiple offers. In actuality, MLS is an advantage because you reach
thousands more buyers and have a greater chance of multiple offers thus a higher sale price.
Remember that all real estate commissions are negotiable so you can pay the buyer agent
whatever you choose to.

Here the most significant challenges people face when you try to sell a home on your own.

Setting the Right Price Range
Sellers may not have the data to price the home correctly. This results in few if any showings. In
the ever-fluctuating market, the problem could be not setting the right price range.

Because of your emotional attachment to the house, homeowners are often unable to price
your home objectively, often valuing it for more than it’s worth. Or, you will use an online
assessment tool to come up with a number. Online estimates can be off because you often rely
on old tax records and data.

If your home is overpriced, you risk alienating a large number of buyers, and the house will sit.
Home Avenue flat-fee realty has the tools and the in-depth market knowledge to determine the
right value for your home.

Putting Your House on the Market
When you’ve lived in a home for a long time, it’s hard to notice the little flaws that will stand out
to buyers. A Home Avenue agent can walk through your home and point out areas that need
improvement to attract buyers and get top dollar.

You may spend a lot of money unnecessarily to prep your home. Or you may discover that you
are not assertive enough in getting the word out. If you spend too much, you won’t get your
money back. But, if you don’t do enough, you’ll lose buyers, because a lot of them are looking
for a move-in ready home, and every flaw they see translates to dollar signs.

You may want to ask the following questions:
● Is your home thoroughly cleaned and decluttered?
● Have you staged it properly?
● How is your curb appeal?
● Are there inexpensive updates you can make to your outdated kitchen?
● Can you smell your pets the minute you walk in the door?
● Do you need to repaint the entire house or touch up some high-traffic areas?
A Home Avenue Realtor knows what appeals to today’s buyers and can help you ensure you
spend your time and money wisely.

Marketing & Promotion
Most buyers start their search online. As an FSBO not listed on MLS , you are not likely to get
the exposure you need to reach the largest audience. Sticking a yard sign out front or posting
your home on Craigslist doesn’t compare to the marketing tools available when you work with a
Home Avenue.

When working with an agent, not only do you get widespread exposure for your home through
the multiple listing services (MLS), but your Home Avenue real estate agent also has the means
to promote your listing to fellow agents and through your established social media presence and
professional networks.

Negotiations and Paperwork
The home buying process includes a lot of complicated documents, contracts, and addendums
designed to protect both the buyer and seller. This paperwork can be challenging to understand
and complete, but a Home Avenue knows these documents like the back of your hand. You
take care of the necessary disclosures and corresponding paperwork, which takes stress off the
seller and protects you from future liability.

And, even if you have some sales experience, you don’t have specialized expertise in real
estate negotiating. Most likely, an agent will represent the buyer, and you’ll automatically be at a

When you choose to work with a local Home Avenue real estate specialist, you are not only
supporting a local small business, but you’re also getting the benefit of an experienced
professional looking out for your best interest and helping you throughout the process.

FSBO Real Estate Services in Minneapolis
When you partner with a Home Avenue flat-fee realtor, you have the leverage you need to sell
your home regardless of the market. We offer complete realty services home sellers in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. You don’t have to go it alone. Let us help you sell your home.
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