Biggest Decisions You Will Make While Selling


Deciding to sell your home is a huge step that requires you to make multiple hard decisions. The decisions you make will determine how successful you are when selling your home. They will likely impact how much you are able to sell for, how quickly you are able to sell, and more.


At Home Avenue, our experts are here to help you sell your home. We work with you to ensure we do what we can to make your sale as successful as possible. Here, our experts will discuss a handful of decisions that may make or break the success of your sale.

Picking a Realtor

The first big step you will need to make is deciding who your realtor will be. It is important to do the research and find a reputable company that is experienced, has positive reviews, and is established. Your realty company should be able to advise you on the price to list your home at, where to market it, what repairs to make, how to stage it, and more. Fortunately for you, Home Avenue has been helping homeowners sell their homes over 20 years, and we can help you, too.

Choosing For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

If you decide a traditional realty route isn’t for you, you can choose to go the ‘For Sale By Owner’ route. When you choose FSBO, the whole process falls on you. You will have to become the expert, learn how to prepare your home for sale, decide how much to list the property for, and much more. If you choose FSBO, our team at Home Avenue can help you launch your sale and learn exactly what you need to do.

Deciding Between Commission or Flat-Fee Real Estate Agents

One choice that will make or break how much you make on your sale is whether you go with a traditional, commission-based sale or you go with flat-fee realty. If you go with flat-fee realty, you will likely save thousands.

Finding the Best Time to Sell

Like anything else, the real estate market has ebbs and flows. When you work with a reputable company, they will help you analyze the market and decide when you should or should not list your home. If you are not in a rush to sell, this tactic works well. However, if you are in a rush to sell, you will have to ignore market trends and try to sell as quickly as possible.

Getting a Pre-Listing Inspection

Getting a pre-listing inspection is one of the most important aspects of the sales process, so you need to ensure you get it done early. This inspection will help you decide if you should make repairs and potentially help you decide how much you can reasonably ask for in price.

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