Greg Lawrence

Broker / Owner

7880 Olson Memorial Hwy.
Golden Valley, MN, 55427

Growing up on 25 acres of land in the western suburbs of Minneapolis I gained an appreciation for independence and self-reliance. This experience helped instill a spirit of entrepreneurship that guides me today. After graduation from Luther College jobs were scarce so I delved into the world of traditional real estate sales. After a couple of years I found that the sellers I helped had an overall impression that the fee paid for my services was excessive given the amount of work. In the summer of 1989 I realized that home sellers who were trying to avoid a big listing commission and selling “By Owner” were unable to compete with the traditional broker marketing tools. I thought, if these home sellers could have access to the same professional marketing as Realtors wouldn’t they have similar results. After 6 months of research and planning I installed my first professional 6 foot post sign in Maple Grove. By 1995 we added MLS access to our service options so my clients could receive the exact same exposure as the 6% guys. And in 2000 we added our full service Realtor package for those who want Realtor representation at a flat one-time fee rather than a commission based on selling price. The results are impressive. Over 25,000 homes sold using our program with equal success and days on market as the traditional brokers. After 30 years we take pride in our mission of saving homeowners and home buyers thousands of dollars in commissions.

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