4 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers


Purchasing a home is a significant benchmark in the life of a young couple or single person. Lacking knowledge or experience can cause you to make decisions that you may regret later. In many cases, first-time buyers are in a position to be taken advantage of by one or more parties involved in the purchase. Thus, what should be a life-changing experience ends becoming a nightmare with long-lasting repercussions.

Home Avenue offers flat-fee realty services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our experience has helped us guide first-time buyers into making smart decisions, the most beneficial being saving money in realty fees. We also offer incentives for buyers like cash back rebates that give them that extra boost when signing the papers.

Below are some of our tips for purchasing a new home.
1. Use a Flat-Fee Realtor
Purchasing a home is a huge financial decision that should not be taken lightly. One of the first questions you may ask is which realtor you should look for and why you should settle on any particular realty company.

A flat-fee realty company has several benefits including:

● Giving you the flexibility to set the level of service you need
● Saving you money in commissions (less than half of traditional realty services)
● Giving you rebates that you can use to make a purchase for your new home
● Helping find FSBO homes across the Twin Cities
● Access to all MLS listed properties
● Providing resources, advice, and guidance so that you smart decisions
2. Know What You Are Looking For…But be Flexible
If you don’t know what you are looking for, you are sure to find it. Therefore, sit down and write a list of features that you’d like to see in a home. It may be a floor plan, a big yard, or even a well-insulated home.

Regardless of what you are looking for, if you have a vision for your future purchase, you are likely to find it. On the flipside, however, you’ll need to be a little flexible and pragmatic. Most homeowners don’t get it all. So you’ll have to differentiate between the negotiables and the deal-breakers.
3. Pay Attention to the Essentials
Home essentials are not matters of preference. Instead, they are matters of necessity. For instance, a home may have a great paint job, but the behind the fresh coat of paint may be walls that are rotting and structurally weak. Here are some items to look for:

● Properly function systems such as the HVAC unit, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc.
● Roofing must be in excellent condition.
● Do all of the appliances work (if there are any in the home)?
● The condition of the flooring and the type of flooring installed
● Floorplans, room sizes, and room upgrades

Also, pay attention to and heed the advice of the home inspector. They know what they are talking about.
4. Don’t Be in a Hurry
No matter what the circumstances are that lead you to buying a home (having children, getting a new job, moving to a new town), give yourself time and space to make a well thought out decision. No matter what the housing market looks like, there are always homes in your price range that suit your preferences and living requirements.

Being patient while you are making a significant purchase will keep you from buckling under deadlines, moving into an area that you don’t like, settling for a home that you didn’t want, or, worse, binding yourself to a mortgage you can’t afford.
Flat-Fee Listings and FSBO Homes in Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you are looking to purchase a home in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, contact Home Avenue. We provide flat-fee realtor service and offer rebates to buyers so that you can put a little money back into your pockets. Check out the benefits of flat-realty today.

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