4 Practical Ways You Can Save Money Buying a Home


Now that you are ready to buy a home in Minneapolis, you may want to explore all of your realty options. There are several ways you can save money securing a house that is right for you.

Below, we look at a few key ways to both save money and put a little back in your pocket on closing day.
1. Hire an Experienced Local Realtor
A reputable, local Realtor will save you time, money and a massive headache.

While there are many nationally-based that companies that may possess knowledge and expertise in the real estate market on a basic level, only a local realtor knows the local market and where the best home investments are at any given time throughout the year. A local agent will help you negotiate the sales contract and represent you on matters that may be difficult for you to navigate yourself.
2. Opt for a Flat-Fee Realtor
If you want to save money purchasing a home without missing out on the best buying opportunities, then partner with a flat-fee realty agency. The reason is simple: the commissions are lower, and there is no guesswork with how much flat-fee realtors, such as Home Avenue, will charge for their services.

Flat-Fee services save both the buyer and the seller money. If the seller saves money from lower commissions, they are more willing to negotiate a price with you, the buyer. The flat-fee model creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.
3. Take Advantage of Home Buyer Cash Rebates
Nothing says savings like getting money back for your time and investment. Home Avenue offers a unique home buyer cash rebate for our clients. You receive 1% of the sale price cash rebate if you buy a home listed by another realtor. If you buy and sell with us, you receive a rebate of $500 per hundred thousand of the sale.

What can you do with a little extra cash back in your pocket?
4. Buy a House From an FSBO Seller
In an FSBO sale, the owner of the house assumes more of the responsibility for listing, showing, or selling the house. An FSBO sale doesn’t always mean that the seller is completely alone in selling their house. Home Avenue realtors work with FSBO sellers every day. Our company provides resources and tools for FSBO sellers to be successful.

The benefit of purchasing a home from the seller is that both you and the seller can save thousands of dollars because the seller isn’t forking over money for costs that realtors pass on to list, promote, and sell the house. In any situation where a seller is saving money to sell the home, they may be lower the asking price on the market or negotiate a price at the table.
Flat-Fee Realty Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you are looking for a smarter, more affordable way to buy or sell a house in Minneapolis, then check out the benefits of flat-free realty from Home Avenue. We offer FSBO and cash back rebate incentives that you simply can’t find with traditional realty services.

To find out more about our products and services, call us at 952-929-7355, or you can send a message to info@homeavenue.com.