4 Misconceptions About Flat-Fee Realtors


Selling your home takes a lot of time and energy. Partnering with an experienced realtor can accelerate your sale as well as help you get top dollar for your property. While you are busy getting your house ready to put on the market, a flat-fee realtor can work behind the scenes to get your house noticed and look for prospective buyers.

When selling your home, you have a choice between traditional realtors and flat-fee realtors. Although some people might be skeptical of the flat-fee approach, it’s still the most economical and smart way to sell your house. Home Avenue provides a safe, cost-effective, simple way to sell a home without eating into your profits without high commissions.

Below are some misconceptions about flat-free realty services that you may have heard. We’re here to address some of these issues and clear the air.
1. Agents Won’t Show a Home
Flat-fee realty may give you the impression that all the realtor has to do is charge a low fee and do nothing to help you sell your home. This misconception is false, however, as our realtors work hard to help you find prospective buyers including showing the house.

Home Avenue realtors take an active role in promoting a sale and work closely with the homeowner to help them get top-dollar for their property. Lower fees do not mean lower service.
2. Flat-Fee Realty is the Same as FSBO
Flat-fee realty companies give homeowners the flexibility to choose a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) option. The owner is in full control of many aspects of selling the home. The owner can decide how to advertise the sell, as well as the best strategy for moving forward.

Where flat-fee real estate agents play a vital role is in providing the support that necessary to help make the transaction successful. Home Avenue offers a wide range of tools and resources that are available to the seller so that they don’t have to feel alone.

We can be as involved as you need us to be. That’s the difference between the way we work with our clients and clients working entirely alone.

3. MLS is The Only Online Tool
While it is true that our company offers Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings as a primary online tool, it’s by far not the only tool we use (or you use, for that matter). We modernize our approach to helping get the maximum exposure for your house so that you can widen your market.

We can help you use platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, social media and other popular sites that draw lots of prospective buyers. We can also help you devise a strategy for making sure your home is presentable online, in your neighborhood, and everywhere else. We embrace an innovative approach to selling homes.
4. Flat-Fee Realty is Outdated
What is actually outdated is the five to six percent commissions that traditional real estate agents make when selling your home. For instance, if you sell your home for $300,000, the realtor takes $18,000 off the top of your profits. Double that figure, and it’s $36,000. Flat-fee realtors can save you thousands of dollars in fees while helping you sell your home in the process. If anything, flat-fee realty is the future of real estate.
Flat-Fee FSBO Realty Service in Minneapolis
If you are looking for a powerful, effective way to sell your home without losing money in realtor commissions, then contact Home Avenue. We offer complete realty services for buyers and sellers in the Minneapolis area.

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