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2018 Real Estate: Sluggish Start, But Not for Long.


While the first quarter of 2018 in real estate started out on a sluggish note, the outlook is good for the remainder of the year. Home Avenue has experienced agents on staff to help you take advantage of the upcoming real estate trend. The outlook is good for real estate in the Minneapolis area and we are ready to move forward with you. Let our agents help get you the best deal with our flat fee real estate service.

Winter and Real Estate
The lingering winter put a damper on the first quarter in real estate in 2018, but spring is coming. With our experienced agents and flat rate fees, we can sell your home quickly and get you moving into that new home! With spring, new construction starts which will ease the market and increase inventory. Whether you need to sell or buy, Home Avenue has experience on your side!

More Building Permits Equal More Inventory
The Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities has estimated that building permits are up by 30% for the first quarter of 2018. More homes should be entering the market later this year. A strong square foot price in the market will motivate builders to get their homes to the market quickly. Our Home Avenue agents can help you find those new market offerings.

Minnesota Ranked Among Best States for Business
Minnesota is very attractive for business growth. The state regularly ranks high in real estate prices based on numerous studies. Its economy is in the top 20% of the nation in growth. With a strong infrastructure in place and being in the top 10% of states for technology and innovation, Minnesota is a great place to live and work. It is the ideal setting for a strong real estate platform.

Interest Rates and Tax Deductions
Dense urban areas were hit hard this year with the lower home value cap of $750,000 (down from $1,000,000) for mortgage interest deductions. But Minnesota’s average home values still allow for the deduction. Even though interest rates are climbing, the vast majority of residents can still take a full interest deduction on taxes. Minnesota’s above average median income still makes a mortgage affordable. With the ability to still be able to take the mortgage interest tax deduction, home ownership is still a good decision for you.

Home Avenue’s Agents Are Ready for 2018!
Our agents stand poised to help you navigate the 2018 real estate market. Our experienced experts combined with our flat rate fees will save you money on your real estate transactions in 2018. Ready to buy or sell? Give us a call at 952-929-7355, or you can message us at info@homeavenue.com.